Do not modify your old radio in your vehicle just because the unit requires you to enter a unique Skoda radio code to keep it working. Nothing is a problem of such caliber that you think of throwing away your old radio and getting a new one that will cost you a lot of money.

Skoda Radio Code

Everything is fine with the radio. Simply because of changing an old battery or a problem with the electrical installation, your radio device has detected a possible theft and activated security measures to prevent potential thieves from using it without their permission. So let’s help you get your lost Skoda radio code for free and solve this problem in the next few minutes!

What should you do?

Fill Out An Application To Get A Free Skoda Radio Code

By filling in all fields with correct and accurate information in the application form below, you become a member of our website and receive your Skoda radio code completely free of charge. Find the information that the application requests from you and fill it with the correct information.

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Find My Lost Radio Code

Leave the procedure after filling out the application to us. Our automatic online Skoda radio codes calculator is set to perform an automatic search based on the data you provide us. No later than 24 hours from the moment you filled out the application form, your radio code will be found and sent directly to the email address you chose when filling it out.

Once you receive the Skoda radio code at your mail address, write it down on a piece of paper and enter it into your locked radio device to activate it. You will notice that after activation, the radio works most normally without any deficiency compared to its previous functioning before the problem even appeared.

Skoda Radio Code Generator

What to do with the received radio code after solving the problem? Protect information in a secure physical and web location, because you can never be sure when you may need this information again in the future!


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