Have you decided to go online and find a reliable source to find your VW Polo Vivo radio code for free? Have you ever visited your local mechanics only to find out that they are asking you to pay to reactivate your locked radio, and you just aren’t ready for what’s coming because you’re the actual owner of the device? Don’t pay and don’t worry because we will help you solve this problem for free in the next few minutes!

Polo Vivo Radio Device

Request Your Unique VW Polo Vivo Radio Code

All you have to do to get your unique VW Polo Vivo Radio Code is claim it by filling out the application below! Simply enter the appropriate correct answers and wait a few hours for your radio code to be sent directly to your email address. Required information when filling out the application are:

  • Name and surname
  • Brand of your vehicle
  • VIN of the vehicle*
  • Serial number of the locked radio**
  • Email address that you are actively using

The moment you are able to dispose of all this information, fill out the application form and in the next few hours you will receive your unique Polo Vivo radio code.

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Find My Lost Radio Code


* The VIN combination is the unique serial number of your vehicle and you can read it directly from your vehicle from these sites!

VW Polo Vivo Radio Code

** You can find the serial number of the radio device in the documents that you received when purchasing the vehicle and the radio. If you don’t keep them then you will have to remove the radio from its cradle. On the back of the radio you will find your unique serial number which is needed for us with our Polo Vivo radio calculator to detect and find your VW Polo Vivo radio code!

Ask for additional help if you have some additional problems with your locked radio device using the comments form at the bottom of this page!


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